Creating moments for emotional bond

A child lying on the floor in a room, filling out a journal.

I am happy when my daughter reaches for the Journal of Emotional Bond herself.

When I hear from her room:


Mom, will we complete the journal together?


Then I know she needs to be alone with me. I value those moments during which we exchange our emotions and learn more about each other.

Today we talked about friendship and I found out that the best thing can be hanging upside down with a friend. I suppose that other activities with friends can be:

  • watching movies
  • taking walks
  • playing board games
  • having a picnic

At the end of the day, the most important is feeling close to our friends and spending quality time with them.

Another moment for emotional bond could be when I help my daughter with a project for school. We patiently work together on it, and she sees that I am not just her mom but also a partner in creativity. We then later discuss the results of our work with joy and satisfaction.

It's also important to create moments to celebrate our successes and achievements. I find it always warms my heart when my daughter and I share a hug, a smile or a few words of appreciation to each other after we accomplished something meaningful.

I can't compete with her on the friendships she has, she wins from the start! I told her what I value in my friendship and how I maintain friendships.

We talked about being a good listener and how being there when a friend needs you is one of the best ways to show your friendship. We also discussed ways to make new friends, like attending classes or joining clubs, as well as how to keep in touch with people on a regular basis.

In those moments I could be a mentor to her, and she could gain knowledge and experience.

We can also work together on meaningful activities such as organizing charity events or helping our community. Those moments create an emotional bond between us.

The journal makes it easy to re-trace our thoughts and feelings and also helps us to foster our emotional bonding.

Creating moments for emotional bond and strengthening our connection helps us to grow together, which is the most important thing for me.

Those are wonderful moments and beautiful memories in drawings for life.

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